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Up your glam game for the holidays!

So, what is a lash lift?

You may have seen our posts on social media and our website about this new service. Most people have a few questions because it is a fairly new treatment for lashes. This is what you need to know:

1. We use a keratin based solution that is gentle on your lashes to 'perm' them up, similar to the effect of a great eyelash curler. We then tint them to black or dark brown. 

2. The treatment takes under an hour to complete, and the only downtime is that you cannot get them wet for 24 hours.

3. They last for 8 weeks!

4. The cost is just $125.

If you are going to wax those brows...

Please book with us! We are brow professionals after all! We create new brows every day for people who have over plucked and over waxed through the years. Most of us appreciate a good wax, but in the wrong hands...well you know the rest.

Oh and if you have had microblading, and you have been scared to pluck or wax, we get it, but you may have started to loose your shape because of it. Book your wax with us and see those beautiful bladed brows come back to life!

Blading on Blondies 

Lately we have seen a lot more blonde beauties come through our doors because they see how incredibly natural we can make even the lightest colored eyebrows look. Take this beauty for example! She has gorgeous light blonde locks, and equally blonde brows. Nicole was able to create they most incredible shape and color for her! If you have been nervous about booking because you are uncertain lighter haired brows can look 'real', head over to our Instagram page to see our latest blonde brow babes!


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