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Only the BEST products!

We know you expect quality when you choose BROW BAR. Thats why we are constantly researching and testing out the best products for microblading available to the industry, and spare no expense when it comes to what we use on our clients (if I wouldn't use it on my face, I won't use it on yours!). Currently we are using Permablend pigments, which are certified VEGAN, and never tested on animals. We also love Tina Davies line of microblade tools and aftercare gel. Her tools are completely disposable and incredibly precise. Tina Davies aftercare gel contains nano-silver, which helps your brows heal faster, is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Not to mention is has a cooling effect that helps with the redness and discomfort post treatment. We love these products and know that by using them, we provide our clients with their absolute BEST BROWS!

There are SO many products and tools out there for microblading, all at different quality levels. Microblading isn't regulated everywhere yet, so please make sure you ask about what products and tools are being used by an artist or studio before you make an appointment!


All BROW BAR employees are licensed by the state in their prospective professional boards:

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