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Meet our talented artist!

Nicole is originally from the St. Louis area, but moved to Kansas City 13 years ago to attend the Kansas City Art Institute, where she graduated in 2009. She is a very creative, patient person, who takes pride in her work as an artist, and has a perfectionist's eye for detail! After my own experience with microblading, I knew that Nicole would be a perfect fit for an artist and business partner. I was so excited when she decided to take the plunge and begin a 9 month apprenticeship to become a licensed semi-permanent make-up artist! The training and time commitment is intense-weekly classes, studying, and LOTS of practicing, plus 300 hours of actual treatments done on clients under the supervision of the instructor before you can get your license. It is the best training you can get if you want to do microblading (not everyone that does microblading is a licensed semi-permanent make-up artist!). Not only does this make us exceptionally qualified to perform microblading, it allows Brow Bar to offer lots of other exciting semi-permanent make-up treatments like eyeliner, lip tinting, and camouflaging of scars!


All BROW BAR employees are licensed by the state in their prospective professional boards:

Healing Arts (Medicine) | Nursing | Tattoo | Cosmetology



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